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Computer TechnologyKECA software

First Year Instructor, Danny Johnson, enters his apprentices’ grades from the IEC of the Bluegrass training centers. With the software Microsoft Office 2007 from the IEC Foundation, instructors are now able to enter grades and attendance in Excel and have them automatically calculated. Instructors’ jobs are made easier and more efficient by use of this software and they are also able to implement and utilize PowerPoint presentations.

IEC Bluegrass apprentices have access to computers to view their grades and attendance. Many of those students don’t have access to the Internet or a computer at home, and being able to make use of those at their training centers is a tremendous resource for them. Through funds donated by the IEC Foundation, IEC of the Bluegrass purchased a laptop for Mr. Johnson and through a program that allows him to login from home, is able to access the IEC office around the clock, thus saving time for him to prepare for his classes more effectively.