The IEC Foundation (IECF) is dedicated on supporting IEC chapter educational campuses from coast-to-coast. The IECF works with industry partners of the IEC National association to help secure corporate donations of materials and equipment for updating the student labs in IEC campuses on an annual basis through the IEC Foundation Equipment Grant program. This Equipment Grant program is offered once annually, typically late in the calendar year. To date, the Equipment Grant program has provided over $5M in new laboratory equipment to IEC career schools nationwide. These upgrades in equipment that complement the world-class IEC 4-year electrical apprenticeship education program directly benefit the hands-on learning experience of IEC students, helping to ensure that IEC produces the highest-caliber electricians in the industry.

The IEC Foundation would like to give a huge thank you to both Eaton and Schneider Electric from the bottom of our hearts for the equipment donations of $298,654 to our IEC chapters!!!

The IEC Foundation seeks to create opportunities introducing and guiding men and women to successful and satisfying careers in the electrical and communications industries through Equipment Grants for use by local training and education centers!

Thank you once again for your kindness, generosity, time and effort that you both put into making the dreams a reality for our members!#WeAreIECF

Ca$h Back with The Home Depot ProXtra Purchases

As a proud partner with the IEC, The Home Depot is dedicated to saving Electricians time and money.
IEC Members can get 2% cash back on all qualifying pre-tax purchases when enrolled in our free ProXtra Program. In addition to the rebate for customers, The Home Depot will donate a half of a percent of all of the sales in this program to the IEC Foundation. Enrollment is easy and FREE! Last year, The Home Depot donated over $75,000 to the IEC Foundation to benefit the IEC campuses across the country. Register today to ensure you get your full rebate at the end of the year! Call (866) 333-3551 or visit:


Check out our Facebook page @IECFoundation or to receive updates and announcements on what the IEC Foundation is doing. Follow our new hashtag, #WeAreIECF. Stay tuned for photo contests, acknowledgements, and updates.

How You Can Help

If you have not considered a gift in the past, we invite you to join with us in our mission to make the electrical industry the best that it can be! By acting today on a supportive year-end gift to the IEC Foundation is the right thing to do for our future in the industry and a perfect opportunity for maximizing your charitable giving. The IEC Foundation is a 501c(3) certified, so your corporate or personal gift is fully tax-deductible according to the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service. Please contact Jeff Williams,, or at 703-650-0048 to learn more about making a donation to the Foundation today!