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Equipment Grants

“The center of the IEC training program is the lab, the hands-on experience that students get. As a direct result of the quality and quantity of equipment we have been provided by the IEC Foundation, we offer our students a well-rounded education and they are better prepared when they graduate.”
Phil Smith, Instructor, Mid-South IEC

“We have been fortunate to receive much of our equipment from the IEC Foundation. With the help of the IEC Foundation we have been able to develop a good relationship between IEC, our program, the community college and our training shops.”
Sadie Pullen, Apprenticeship Director, IEC Oregon - Area II

“Our chapter utilized the equipment grants to create our motor control labs. This will enhance the training provided in the apprenticeship program as well as journeyman skill upgrade classes.”
David Hittinger, IEC Greater Cincinnati Executive Director

"Due to the IEC Foundation's Equipment Grants, we have been given the chance to deliver a level of education that the industry has not normally seen."
Walt Czyrnik, Mid-South IEC Executive Director