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Dedicated to your business and our partnership with the IEC.
The Independent Electrical Contractors Foundationís mission is to fund, promote, and support educational opportunities in the electrical and communications industries. As a responsible partner and stakeholder in the electrical industry, the IECF is dedicated to improving the profession and the quality of life in our communities.

Training programs provide apprentices the opportunity to gain valuable training they need to become professional electricians and join the workforce. IEC training facilities would not exist without the loyal support the IECF receives from our industry partners.

With your donation, you are able to help us grow on these commitments and our goals. We are counting on your renewed support this year to continue to help each other with our mission.

Sign Up Today For The Home Depot Incentive Program
As a proud partner with the IEC, The Home Depot is dedicated to saving Electricians time and money.

IEC Members can get 2% cash back on all qualifying pre-tax purchases when enrolled in our Free Pro Xtra Program. In addition to the rebate for customers, The Home Depot will donate a half of a percent of all of the sales in this program to the IEC Foundation. 

Enrollment is easy and FREE! Register today to ensure you get your full rebate at the end of the year!Call (866) 333-3551 or enroll online. Click here to watch a short enrollment video. To ensure you get credit for all your purchases, please make sure to enter your forms of payment under agreement code IEC.

Click here for more details about this wonderful program.